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Have you ever done your TO-DO lists?

I am asking you this, just because I've seen women struggling around this. Even if you are a high-achieving woman, you probably

never get shit done! I was making the same mistakes as a woman leader, giving myself too many to-do's and never getting anything done. My frustration was high, being depressed, exhausted, burn out, and still, I was feeling a lot of guilt. My energy was spread all over the place and lacked a lot of focus. What was even worse I was starting to lose my money, just because I was not efficient in the first place.

Darling I don't want to see you struggling around this. I just want you to be, who you need to be and stop worrying about to-do's but just BE!

I wish that you would never ever have to experience this! I wish that you start early before it goes so far!

And here is my suggestion for you HOW can you get over this to tune in more in your alignment and your needs.

  1. FOCUS start focusing on yourself and your needs. Care less for the outside world, and start acknowledging your worth. It is very noisy and you can't hear your voice!

  2. MEDITATE regularly. Meditation will help you to hear yourself and to find what you are here for. It will give you more positive thinking, and what is even better it will build you a TRUST muscle which is even more important.

  3. BE YOU! Be loyal to yourself and stand for your beliefs consciously! Stop agreeing with things, that do not resonate with you!

If you want to get anything done SERVE yourself FIRST!

It will bring you more PEACE, PACE and JOY!

And all I want for you is to become a JOYFUL leader who is making quantum leaps for your business.

Lots of love,

Aleksandra Rehar

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