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Many women leaders or entrepreneurs as they start their businesses don't know what to do with them and have no course where to go. The first idea maybe seems fine to them and having an idea to hit the first 10k but you will hit the bottom fast if you don't have a strategic plan of where to go. This is in the worst-case scenario you will fall off your own ladder while you are climbing up and closing the business in your first year or less.

Most frequently I've got an answer from women: "I just want to do what I am best at." Agree with you. But this would not be enough. You have to be specifically clear about your purpose as you serve with your gift.

So you need to know that mistakes can be even your strengths. Why? Because you learn from them and see them as an opportunity. at last, you will value them even more. Because you will remember why you were start to build your own business.

  1. You have a vision but no plan where to lead your company in near future (5 years at least). While you are building your business you don't ask yourself truly: How will you expand your company in near future? How will you find your customers? Are recommendations enough or not? Will you base your business just on this? I know the first few clients can make you happy, but without no strategic questions and plans, you will not get so far, so it is important to ask yourself this.

  2. Size of your business matters. So when you start, you have to be clear about how big a business you want to build in near future. Will you be just a solopreneur with one assistant, or you will build a dream team around your business? It is important to know what you will build for eg. an agency, shop, or just be a business owner, who owns a business.

  3. Like it or not the fact is that you need to confront your personal conflicts fast, because this will impact your business. If you don't have a clear mind, how do you think your team will see you as a leader who is leading a business and team? So work on your personal development, so you can lead your business effectively and make an impact.

These were my personal mistakes I have made and I am now sharing with you to reconsider everything before you even start. So I can spare you 12 years and build a business even faster than I was needing myself. But it took me these years in my personal development so I need to heal myself first before I even share my business vision which was inside me waiting for 34 years. If I would work just as half part of myself I wouldn't reach my high goals.

If you want to have a clarity call with me to see where you are at and what you need to change please don't hesitate to book a call now. Don't wait so long because the only vault you have is time. Make a smart investment in it.

With Love xoxo,


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