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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

If you are a woman in business then is a 'MUST' to go beyond your limitations and expectations especially, if you are upgrading your business or developing yourself, making new investments, buying something, etc.

It is hard to stay in the safe zone, where you are not making any progress further. Staying in a safe zone can cost you time&money. I know it's hard to make a wise decision while you are moving forward, but you have to encourage yourself enough to jump and make a call. Hesitating and procrastination are in this time very common because we live in an uncertain time. You can wait for the right time, but Universe will push you beyond your fears and limitations.

How do I know Universe will push you?

I was there many times procrastinating, sabotaging myself, being paralyzed and my business didn't make any progress, not even closing the sales I wanted to. But Universe has challenged me all the time to shoot a video, to speak in front of different audiences, to expose myself to different varieties, and to speak in front of people in not my native language (English). Of course, I was shaking, having my voice shaking, the words didn't want to appear when I want to recall them in English. But this didn't stop me to not practice at all. To improve my skills, methods of speaking, and being a speaker in front of an audience I didn't know. The worst-case scenario would be to not serve with my gift at all. This means that I will rob you of your growth, which would be selfish. If something is meant to be it will happen anyway. But still, you are a leader, right? So what can go wrong if you make that call? What are you afraid of?

You will go beyond your fear eventually. Step by step you will get to the point when you will just fly. I can promise you this. What is holding you back are your expectations, which are reason no. 1 which can stop you to not going beyond. And this is why:


This could be your main expectation and also frustration, which is stopping you to not be successful in anything you do. Because you have been paralyzed with the fear factor you have picked in your early stage of life.


If you are expecting fear, you will manifest it in a bigger way. If you are in fear that nobody is acknowledging you, then it's time to start acknowledging yourself. Acknowledge what you have achieved, how far have you come, what great gifts you have, what can you serve people around you, and what skills can you offer.


If you are afraid of being judged. Then it is time to STOP. Why? Because judgments are good. It shows you, your reflections on your inner talk. How you communicate in your thought and when you add those emotions become magical combinations for your manifestation. So don't be afraid of being judged. Did you know that positive judgment is also a compliment? Can you receive them? Do you allow yourself to be judged? If people are judging you in a negative way, they still spread the word around you, so they are sharing your brand. But when other people look at your brand, they will see it with different eyes, than a person who tries to judge you. So literally they are doing free marketing for you. As long as you are trying to be transparent then you have nothing to FEAR about.

Fear has two meanings: Forget everything and run. OR Face everything and RISE.

I believe from now on that you will choose to rise and shine as the woman you ever deserve, without fear and step onto the bolder side of yourself.

If you need my help you can also book a clarity call with me.

Also, you can listen to the last podcast I did with Tracey Cook, she is a great podcaster. You can open it HERE.

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With love xoxo,


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