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Over-analyzing can stop you from growing and reaching your goals

Today I will write through my personal experience so you can understand better. I am on personal-developing for at least 20 years. I am discovering the best and the fastest way to help yourself in many situations. As we know humankind is social and also we are emotional beings, so the hardest part is to understand how our brain works.

We have a lot of tools and techniques for self-help but we know, that we can go fast into over-analyzing ourselves. Which can be really toxic. I went to many spiritual people and all I could see was just dig in and dive deep for deeper meaning. But do we really need to understand everything and always search for a higher meaning or purpose? This is something where you might get stuck. Too much information and giving a cause to them can be stuck in your subconscious mind, which would run like an automated program to yourself. What you think you become. You can develop serious problems going that way.

  1. You may feel that you disassociate from yourself and also public life

  2. You may develop perfectionist awareness

  3. You can easily develop a toxic personality

  4. In the end, you forgot why did you start analyzing for what cause and you can be highly judgemental

  5. You can feel unhappy and depressed

There are at least five major ones. Because suddenly you are searching for something you need to fix on yourself. But this is just like you would open up pandora's box and never ends.

What I found out you don't need to over-analyze what did you do wrong. Instead of doing this rather stop:

  1. Criticizing yourself for what you might have done wrong

  2. Start being nice and develop healthy habits

  3. Be you and stand out, at least you will stop being apologetic

  4. Accept who you really are.

This is a big WHY I was so drag to search behind the healing and self-developing practice with my clients to be highly conscious of what 'crap' or BS they can buy from toxic relationships. So in 2014 I came across to practice which have thought me how to be conscious being. Since then I open my awareness to a highly intuitive and also aware of what is mine and what is not. This also led me to help my clients to shift fast and remove the blockage without having a need to explain what and how was caused. Also, I encourage them to develop healthy habits with themselves, asking the right questions which can lead them to the solution fast so they don't need years like I have to search.

If you want my help to stop being a victim

and become a true leader in life and business I am here for you so stop hesitating and BOOK A CALL with me.

With love,

Aleksandra Rehar

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