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When I was a little girl I had a vivid vision of myself being a businesswoman, I was somewhere in Miami, my house was really big and white like nowadays are cubical architecture.

It was my bright future! So I believed so strongly in this vision and keep swimming. Never doubt that this would not happen to me. I know when I saw this it was so real. I couldn't deny my vision.

It's happening now :). Last year I made a massive breaktrough to international market. This is huge. Moving me toward my dream house :).

But before that, it was a big rollercoaster of big losses. You know when they say if you dream big, you have to be prepared to go along with big losses. But not looking at them as a failure. Look at them as something that is bringing you closer to your vision. It was true! I've lost everything, to gain my bigger vision and live a dream beyond my imagination. This is a true soul purpose I am living it now.

There is something you should know when you want to go BIG toward your dreams. These are key components you should believe:

  1. Always believe in yourself no matter what (STOP your inner talk and that lurking saboteur inside you)

  2. Never let anyone dull your sparkle.

  3. Believe in your vision and mission.

These three components were crucial to start living a big dream as a speaker.

This is something that was talked about at Virtual Summit for Rich Woman Magazine. You can watch the whole replay here.

I encourage you to dare to dream big! What was moving me was quote: "Go big or go home."

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